Proven experience

Our team is comprised of highly sought after experts and professionals with extensive demonstrated success in the systems of medicine, nursing, engineering, architecture, social services, psychology, and public health.


Jose M. Pérez Gallego

Managing Director

Washington DC, USA

Marc Satorras

Business Development Director

Barcelona, Spain

Teresa Rocabert

Operations Director

Madrid, Spain

Alberto Recolons

Infrastructure and planning expert

Barcelona, Spain

Alberto Núñez

Healthcare policy expert

Barcelona, Spain

Alex Lloro

Digital marketing Specialist.

Washington DC, USA

Anavel Pamanes

Health care quality and accreditation expert.

Nuevo León, México

Ángela Caro​

Patient Safety, pharmacovigilance and tecnovigilance expert

Bogotá, Colombia

Ariel Palacios

Health care quality and accreditation expert

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Arlene Orta

Healthcare quality and safety expert specialist

Ciudad de México, México

Carlos González

Health care quality and accreditation expert

San Jose de Costa Rica

Claudia Blanco

Health care quality and patient safety.

Bogotá, Colombia

David Meissner

Social communication consultant, educator

Boulder, Colorado, USA

Luz Caballero

Gender Specialist

Washington DC, USA

Mauricio Petri

Health care quality and accreditation expert.

Córdoba, Argentina

Nora Castiglia

Expert in research methodology and outreach

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Rajaram Govindarajan

Healthcare strategy and processes specialists

Barcelona, Spain

Ramon Torrents

Health care Architect.

Barcelona, Spain

Advisory Board

Manel Alepuz

Medical Advisor and Partner at GOC Health Consulting

Juan de Dios Reyes

Independent Consultant: Management and development of Health Care Services

Pablo Molina

CISO at Drexel University and adjunct professor at Georgetown University

Alejandro Pérez de Cárdenas

President & CEO of IDEL Innovación y Desarrollo Local

Pablo Pardo

Communications and Media specialist