About This Project

TICs & e-Health


Information systems form part of the strategy and management of health services and systems, and constitute one of the fundamental pillars of decision-making at all levels: from the clinical decision-making area (professional-patient), to care management (processes) and finally, to health system (Primary Care, Hospitals, Public Health…).


Any health improvement processes must incorporate the vision of information systems and dialogue with the new models of service provision via e-Health. Salutia advises on the strategy and definition of innovative health service delivery models that efficiently incorporate technology, and guarantee data collection and subsequent management.



  • Electronic Health Record
  • Personal Health History
  • ICT systems for outpatient and hospital care continuity
  • Development of DRM strategies
  • Electronic prescription and dispensing
  • Hospital pharmacy, clinical analysis
  • Development of specialized health control panels
  • M health
  • Gamification