About This Project

Strategy and Processes


A professional health care institution achieves its strategic goals by improving the quality of its services, building economically sustainable processes, and reaching desired outcomes within the patient population. These principles appeal to those who  participate in the health production chain.


Redesigning processes to meet these goals within a health care organization should focus on efficiencies  to minimize the economic cost and increase  quality to the patients. Having meaningful data, measuring results, integrating care into continuous care, and controlling costs are key to improving hospital, primary or intermediate care.


We, Salutia, believe that success is based on  this precise strategy and its translation into high quality operational processes. By assessing the needs of each organization and creating personalized solutions in collaboration with partners in the health care system, these goals are achieved.


We are experts in the redesign of strategic, operational and support processes for healthcare organizations. We propose customized solutions adapted to meet the needs of the organization.



  • Strategic planning
  • Analysis of health data
  • Market analysis
  • Improvement of clinical and care processes
  • Process improvement
  • Lean and Six Sigma methodologies