About This Project

Public Health Programs and Policies


The design of public health policies and programs is a complex process that involves multiple disciplines and, above all, a broad consensus with the stakeholders who will be key to their implementation. Salutia’s experts use their deep knowledge and hands-on experience to advise clients in the creation of public health projects.


Our network of consultants has participated in the design, implementation, and evaluation of public health strategies, plans, and programs. We have experience in the development of methodologies that support health-care programs, both in planning and management. We work with governments and administrations of different levels and international and non-governmental organizations to improve public health.



Public health plans and programs:


  • Health program audits
  • Qualitative Analysis: Delphi and Rand UCLA Studies
  • Scientific and professional consensus for defining public health efforts
  • Participatory processes for defining public health policies and programs