About This Project

Hospital Quality and Accreditation


Reviewing and optimizing processes, detecting errors in the system, and identifying the deficiencies of institutions preparing for accreditation are very useful tools for improving the quality of care and health-care safety.


The professionals at Salutia prepare and coach institutions for visits from accrediting organizations, with guarantees that they will pass the evaluation and receive accreditation.


Salutia customizes each project for  the specific needs of each organization. Salutia specialists become integrated into the work of our clients with the sole objective of achieving accreditation and improving the quality of services.



We help our clients with a variety of different accreditations, including:


  • Joint Commission International
  • Accreditation Canada
  • ISO
  • DNV
  • National Accreditations


Consulting Services:


  • Situation assessments
  • Professional training (standards, tracking, methodologies)
  • Mock Surveys
  • Comprehensive planning to prepare for accreditation