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Our healthcare system is facing huge challenges, a rise in lifestyle-related diseases, and an exploding world population.

The good news is that using AI to create intelligent processes and workflows could make healthcare cheaper, more effective, more personalized, and more equitable.

The application of artificial intelligence in medicine is increasing, with the advent of electronic medical records and wearable technology, data is becoming exponentially abundant in health care. Artificial intelligence has the potential to reshape medicine.

For example, AI can be used to aid doctors with their clinical decisions, find new tumor types in large research data sets, enhance the accuracy of diagnostic tests and improve hospital operations.

The applications of AI are endless and thanks to it, it is possible for machines to evaluate and analyze data to perform tasks in the same way as a human being. To do this, techniques such as machine or deep learning are used. In this way, new knowledge is incorporated and processed on the basis of the algorithms designed.

We share with you an article from Forbes magazine on ” How AI And Machine Learning Will Impact The Future Of Healthcare”. Interview with Tom Lawry, National Director of AI for Health and Life Sciences at Microsoft.